My Minnesota

Another month has gone by where I stayed close to home. On the other hand, my husband has been camping in Minnesota a couple times this winter... yes, camping in the winter... in Minnesota. He's nuts, but I'm a little jealous that I didn't get to go with him. That is, if we stayed in a hotel room at night. He neglected to bring the camera along, but I can imagine the hikes through the woods and how peaceful it must have been.

Instead, my big Minnesota moment this month was spending a day at the Animal Humane Society with 12 riled up 1st graders for my daughter's 7th birthday. It was nuts, but wonderful at the same time. The Animal Humane Society is great for many reasons, but they did a fantastic job hosting this party. I would highly recommend them.

Make sure to check out the awesome Erin at Erin Blair Photography to follow the circle around.


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