My Minnesota - Spring Break

I'm joining up again with my fellow Minnesotans to highlight places we've explored in our state this past month. Be sure to click the link at the bottom of the post to follow the circle around.

We were supposed to go to San Diego for spring break. I really, really wanted to get away someplace warm and sunny, but unfortunately that plan fell apart for a variety of reasons. I had taken the week off of work and thought about working anyway, but this seemed like the perfect opportunity to explore some local places that I hadn't had a chance to check out yet. 

First, we met up with friends to check out Can Can Wonderland where we played mini golf and pinball. This place was so visually interesting and the kids had a blast.

March 24th, 2017-54.jpg
March 24th, 2017-89.jpg

Riley and I spent a lot of time at my rental property in Nordest Minneapolis (part of the reason San Diego was put on the back burner), so we checked out a 'new to us' playground nearby. It was a little fun to imagine that if we still lived there, Riley would have a school right across the street along with this playground... and then I came back to reality when I realized how annoying it would be to live in that small space with a kid. 

We checked out locals murals like the ones on the sides of the Key North Boutique and the I Like you store. The Twin Cities has a ton of interesting murals and it's my goal to check more of them out over the summer.

March 28th, 2017-12.jpg
March 28th, 2017-85.jpg

We've had a number of friends visit InnerActive and relay that it was a lot of fun so I knew it would be on our list as well. While there were a lot of different play areas to explore, the air pillow seemed to be the biggest hit with my daughter. I on the other hand felt like I was going to ralph with all the kid's bouncing around me. I was happy to sit on the sidelines while Riley jumped to her heart's content. 

Riley spent at a day at Aprils Fools Camp at the Westwood Hills Nature Center. When Jesse and I went to pick her up we decided to explore the place ourselves. We've been there many times, but decided to walk some trails we've never taken before and realized we were totally missing out.

And finally, we went to Sea Life Aquarium. This was technically April 1st, but our first attempt was earlier in the week. We got all the way to the Mall of America only to have Riley get sick once we were in the door. It was a bummer to turn around and go home, but all was back to normal soon after and we were able to squeeze this visit in before our vacation time was over.

And that is how we explore Minnesota during our Spring break. Make sure to check out where Carrie Bayless explored this month and follow the circle around.