November 4 on 4

Each month I join a group of talented women from Clickin Moms to create a 4 on 4 blog circle showcasing 4 of our favorite images from the last month. Be sure to click the link at the bottom of the post to follow the circle around.


Oh, October... what can I say about you? I didn't pay much attention to you due to most of my attention going to our vacation this month (post coming soon!) and some photo shoots I did for others (which I don't normally do). I noticed the weather change, raked some leaves, put the lawn furniture away, adjusted to your waning light, and then celebrated Halloween. Yet another month that flew on by that I didn't get to embrace as much as I wanted. 

October 11th, 2017-41.jpg
October 14th, 2017-39.jpg
October 15th, 2017-10.jpg
October 26th, 2017-28.jpg

Next up make sure to check out the wonderful Chrissy Mazer and continue the circle around.