Clickin Walk 2017

Three years ago I worked up the nerve to sign up for my first photography walk through Clickin Moms. I didn't know anyone, and had no idea what to expect.  I almost chickened out, but made my introverted self go, and it turns out it wasn't scary at all. 

The next year was easier and I was able to get to know people a little better. I made connections, became friends with them on various social media platforms, and I even went on an informal photo walk with a couple of them.

Since then, I'm met more local photographers, and while we mostly connect online, we sometimes we go out and take pictures of our kids together.

I feel like I've met my people. 

It's no longer nerve wracking to go to these things. Instead, I'm excited... Who am I going to meet this year? What will I find to photograph? What new things will I learn?

This year we headed into Downtown Minneapolis on a beautiful, spring Saturday. We talked to people along our path, took pictures of architecture, strangers, each other... and just had fun. If you're into photography, I would recommend finding a group like this. I've heard that photography can be a competitive market, but I've found nothing, but inclusion in the group I've connected with. 

We met a number of interesting people and all were open to having their pictures taken... some even asking us to take their picture. The guy below dubbed himself the 'water hustler'.

As we came around the back side of First Avenue, we discovered the garage door open. An employee allowed us to pop in and take some pictures of the star most people don't see on their building.... one for P.Nut, another employee's dog. Oh, the useless, but interesting information you learn on these walks. :)

It's been a long time since I've hung out at First Ave or the 7th street entry, but many memories flooded back of dancing and watching bands there. 

These folks below were on a walking tour of Minneapolis. It was fun to overhear what the tour guide had to say about First Ave... and discover that it wasn't anything I didn't know.

I met Elena at my 1st and 2nd photo walk, so it was great to see her lead this one with Chrissy (who I met at last years).

We even found another photographer wandering on his own so it seemed appropriate to talk shop. He was shooting film, which I'd love to try again for fun.

After the walk, a handful of us stopped to eat and then headed out to take more pictures. Chrissy is the portrait photographer of this smaller group and proceed to take our pictures. I never had professional senior photos done so now I can check that off the list. I can't wait to see the finished photos.

As the day ended, I found myself in the ramp next to my car and I still couldn't quite put my camera away. I'm a sucker for murals and am now wishing there was a way I could get on this roof with my kid. No one would notice, right?

I was a really fun day and I already have tentative plans with a couple of the women from this day to take our kids out for our own mural photo walk. I know I will have lots of connections and informal walks in the near future, but I can't wait to go on the Clickin Walk again next year.