Happy Anniversary

Nine years ago Jesse and I decided to fly to St John, USVI and get married. Neither of us wanted a big wedding or a church wedding. We might have been fine having a few close people there, but in the end decided to have it just be us (and the officiant and the photographer). 

It was perfect and I wouldn't have done it any differently. I've been thinking a lot about it recently, not only because it's our 9th anniversary this weekend, but because we've decided to go back to St. John for our 10th wedding anniversary next year. We are excited to revisit St. John and celebrate our commitment to each other... and we are excited to bring our daughter there - to introduce her to a place and moment in time that is really special to us.

We've been discussing this future trip - where we will stay, will we visit the same places or find something new, what photos will I take...? We've discovered that while our villa made it through Hurricane Irma, one of our favorite restaurants did not (Shipwreck Landing - and it doesn't look like they will rebuild). I imagine there will be changes, natural after 10 years, but especially so after such a destructive storm.

Speaking of photos, I went back through our pictures from this vacation and had to laugh a bit because they were mostly taken (and edited) by Jesse. It's been awhile since he picked up the camera, and while I wish he still had that passion, I am glad one of us will be capturing this future trip. I figured since we are celebrating our 9 years as a married couple, I'd go down memory lane with you. These are all from our wedding/honeymoon - some taken and edited by Jesse, some recently edited by me, and the ones from our wedding day were by Blue Glass Photography.  All of them have so much meaning to me and bring me right back to that week we were there.