Day in the Life - Winter 2018

I debated about doing another day in the life series this year. I wrapped up 2017 and was feeling that this may be the time to stop this project. With Riley getting older I wondered if she'd still want me capturing these days - would it still be important to her? Would she care that I was posting the details of our lives for all to read. I'd been waiting for the heads up from another blogger (who hosts a round up of these day in lives each season) letting me know that it was time, but it didn't come. I decided I wasn't going to do it, but then asked Riley what she thought and she definitively wanted me to do it. She started talking about how she loves looking back through the books I've made each year (2012 is her favorite) and so I agreed this was a project I couldn't quite let go of. We'd just come home from a vacation in San Diego (more to come in a future post once I edit my pictures) so I couldn't bring myself to spend another day right away taking pictures all day long. But here, we are... I didn't want it to get away from me. I  really do love looking back at these posts and seeing how our lives have changed.

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