Hike 20 - Purgatory Creek Park

With Riley at her grandparents, Jesse and I decided to go on a hike of our own. We were still dealing with wet trails and hot days so we wanted to get out early to beat the heat and find a trail that was dry. A few rose to the top of my list, but I decided that I wanted Riley to go on those so I suggested this trail in Eden Prairie. I’d actually walked it a couple years ago while Riley was at a birthday party nearby and had always wanted to bring Jesse back.


Hike #: 20

Trail: Purgatory Creek Park

Location: Eden Prairie, MN

Trail surface: paved, although there is a crushed rock trail that you can cut across part of the creek, but it was flooded when we were there so we had to turn around.

Date: 7/7/19

I’ve had a hard time searching for Purgatory Creek to find this trail. In fact, there is a Purgatory trail in nearby Minnetonka that we checked out last year. If you Google ‘Purgatory Creek Pavilion’ you will find a good start for this trail as there is a parking lot, and pavilion there. There are also some statues honoring our Military that is worth stopping to pay your respects at.


This trail is a mix of shade and open sky, but is mostly open. It started out as a nice breezy hike, but we quickly heated up walking on the asphalt trail with the sun beating down on us at 9:30 in the morning. I need to start my hikes at 6 am to avoid this summer heat, I think. The trail is surrounded by houses and businesses and shops, and even connects to another nearby lake if you want to make it a longer hike. We might have if it weren’t for the heat.

This is the joy of living in Minnesota - there is lake after lake after lake and often a trail is built to walk around them. It’s something I often take for granted, but appreciate that our state makes sure that some of these lakes are preserved enough that anyone can enjoy them.


Jo: ★★★★

Jesse: ★★★★

Hike 4 - Rice Creek North Regional Trail

I discovered the Rice Creek Regional Trail Corridor when a couple friends posted pictures of their kids amongst a trail of tall pine trees and I knew I wanted to find out where that place was. The following week, after buying Riley a new bike, we headed off to this trail to test it out (while Jesse and I briskly walked behind).

April 21st, 2018-90.jpg

We basically walked from the tall pines down to the dog park and back. As with many of the trails we've hiked, there are multiple trails or spurs worth exploring. My photographer friend sent me a map pointing out things like 'cute bridge' which we completely missed turning off for since we were following our biking kid who was always a bit of a distance in front of us.

April 21st, 2018-96.jpg

Hike #: 4

Trail: Rice Creek North Regional Trail

Location: Circle Pines, MN

Trail surface: paved

Date: 4/21/18

April 21st, 2018-118.jpg

Our hike was one week post-blizzard and while the sun did most of the work, the trails were nice and clean and in good shape. The dog park looked fairly large and was quite popular when we were there. We wouldn't normally go out of our way for a trail like this, but I'm glad I did... and that's part of why I wanted to do this 50 hikes by 50 challenge - to explore new places. Jesse and I both were pleasantly surprised by this trail. I'll admit that I struggle with our 5 star rating system and get caught up between what makes a trail a 3 or a 4, and so forth. Basically, I try to rate it on how I felt about it that day, but also try comparing it to some of my favorite trails. At any rate, use it for guidance, but take it with a grain of salt...

Jo: ★★★

Jesse: ★★★

Riley: ★★★★

Hike 3 - Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park

I only get to Coon Rapids one time a year - to do my taxes. Every year, we drive home over the river and I think "we should check out the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park". Yet, we never do... and it's not like it's that far from us. 

This year, our kid was at her grandparents on tax day and I was trying to think of something Jesse and I could do without our kid that day, besides our taxes, of course. It was pretty easy to convince Jesse to explore this trail as we were both itching to get outside after a long winter (and a winter that wouldn't end for another month). 

We usually prefer a dirt path over paved, but this trail was a little rough to walk on as it had a lot of ice/snow pack. I'm surprised I didn't fall, actually, and we were both glad to take a paved trail for part of the way. I'd like to go back in the future when there isn't any snow to give it another chance. My rating below reflects the ice pack and could certainly change if it was a different season.

Hike #: 3

Trail: Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park

Location: Coon Rapids, MN

Trail surface: paved, and dirt? It was icy snow when we were there. 

Date: 3/17/18

March 17th, 2018 Fuji-7.jpg

Jo: ★★★

Jesse: ★★★

Riley: was at the grandparent's house

March 17th, 2018 Fuji-29.jpg