Hike 3 - Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park

I only get to Coon Rapids one time a year - to do my taxes. Every year, we drive home over the river and I think "we should check out the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park". Yet, we never do... and it's not like it's that far from us. 

This year, our kid was at her grandparents on tax day and I was trying to think of something Jesse and I could do without our kid that day, besides our taxes, of course. It was pretty easy to convince Jesse to explore this trail as we were both itching to get outside after a long winter (and a winter that wouldn't end for another month). 

We usually prefer a dirt path over paved, but this trail was a little rough to walk on as it had a lot of ice/snow pack. I'm surprised I didn't fall, actually, and we were both glad to take a paved trail for part of the way. I'd like to go back in the future when there isn't any snow to give it another chance. My rating below reflects the ice pack and could certainly change if it was a different season.

Hike #: 3

Trail: Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park

Location: Coon Rapids, MN

Trail surface: paved, and dirt? It was icy snow when we were there. 

Date: 3/17/18

March 17th, 2018 Fuji-7.jpg

Jo: ★★★

Jesse: ★★★

Riley: was at the grandparent's house

March 17th, 2018 Fuji-29.jpg